How to sell

Protection is not a coating aiming at the top, but developed as a concept that it can be used for a wide range of customers.

Currently, there are various coatings on the market, but in order for users to choose from among them, it is necessary to plan a selling method that is not limited by conventional common sense, and Protection is a product suitable for that It can be said that it is.

Expanding customer base ... For example, women.

The majority of coating users are men, but men are not the only ones to use cars. Many women hold handles.

Generally, women prefer clean things or beautiful things to more than men.

Women will not want to drive cars that are soiled with insect bites or birds. Also, in the case where cars are adhering to dead bugs of insects and birds' fingers, many women think that do not want to touch such things even if they want to clean up.

If Protection is coated, these dirt will become hard to adhere and even if it gets attached it will be able to be dropped with light water washing. This will be an appealing point for women who have not been targeted so much as customers so far.


Construction on coated cars is also possible

As a feature of Protection, there is a point that it can also be applied to vehicles that have already applied other glass coatings. It closely adheres to the original coating, and it is possible to sustain and improve coating performance.

There are also approaches that make use of this feature.

For example, it is possible to earn more profit than mere maintenance by suggesting it as maintenance for plus alpha for already coated users.

For new orders, you may also add a double coating called "Clear Element + Protection" to the menu. It only applies Protection instead of the finish of the clear element, so it will be possible to earn high profits without much hassle. Of course, it is no doubt that the user feels a higher satisfaction.

Since Protection can be done partially, construction such as "front bumper only" or "bonnet only" is also possible. As a "trial", it is also good to develop a part of construction on bumpers and side mirrors free of charge, to actually experience the effect to the user, then to lead the whole construction.