privacy policy

Privacy Policy


Quartz Technica Co,ltd, thinking Privacy is important, in accordance with standards that are required at this time, make effort to protect the safety of personal information, and to clarify the purpose, to ensure accurate information.
And we handle the information correctly obtained from everyone in the following policy.

Privacy Policy

  1. We will get and use your personal information to the extent necessary to fair business activities.
    And when we get personal information from everyone, we identify the purpose, clarify in advance.
  2. The personal information we got from everyone, for example, the answer to the query and the application process, which could be utilized in the required range.
  3. The personal information obtained from everyone, never except for legal reasons or if we have the consent, or be used beyond the scope of purpose, it is disclosed or provided to third parties.
  4. In order to safely manage personal information from everybody, including the security measures for preventing information leakage, we will make every effort.
  5. Quartz Technica co,ltd will comply with regulations for the handling of personal information and other norms, and improve it continuously review its contents.

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