Protection is a coating with the following characteristics.

Water repellency

The body surface after construction is water repellent. This is due to the coating film itself, not water repellent in the surface layer using fluorine or silicon like the conventional water repellent coating, so its effect lasts for a long time. Although it is water repellent, water spot and ion deposits are also hard to remain, which is a feature of Protection.


Antifouling property

Although Protection is water repellent, the mechanism is different from water repellent using oil like fluorine or silicon. It has the antifouling property which is the most characteristic of polysilazane, and it can easily drop persistent soiling such as oil stains, insects, and bird droppings by washing with water.


Scratch resistance

Because there is a limit to the hardness of the coating, there is a limit to the ability to prevent scratches on the body by itself. In addition to its hardness, Protection has the performance of slip force. By this it can pass the force applied to the body surface, the ability to protect the coating from scratches wiped by car washing etc is improving.



The main source of Protection is organic polysilazane. Normally, it is difficult to thicken the coating film with this material, but Protection realizes high film thickness by exclusive tuning and it is excellent in brilliancy. Maintenance by wax becomes unnecessary after construction.